American Illusions 

​”American Illusions” – J.Adam Snyder 
When you draw your first breath

They’ve decided the rest 

Your religion, your nation

Telling you they know best
The school bell then rings

And they lock you away

Teach you to conform to the system

Until the moon burns the day
They point out your skin

How it’s different from his

Separating each other

With frivolous grins
Friendships are lost

You don’t understand why

They tell you not to question 

For they are all wise
Working til’ the day you bleed

Under the illusion that you are free

In desperation that you’ll reach

The American Dream 
They’ll say the view at the top

Is for those who work hard

But their game that you play

Was rigged right from the start
If you are bright

They despise you the most

For you are a threat 

To the lies they all boast
Your classmates will laugh

They will bully you down

For twelve fucking years

Until the final chime sounds
They’ll praise the dumb ones 

For chasing a ball

While the girls all reject you 

For not being popular or tall
They’ll sell you a cap and hand you a note

Telling you their game is far from closed

No time to breath, no time to cry

Off to college you’ll go, now fall back in line
Working til’ the day you bleed

Under the illusion that you are free

In desperation that you’ll reach

The American Dream 
They’ll say the view at the top

Is for those who work hard

But their game that you play

Was rigged right from the start
Away you are sent

Away you must fly

They’ll call you a loser

If you ask why
Go pick a career 

Go pick a mate

Party a little

But to class don’t be late
Listen to a lecture 

From within an ivory prison

By a professor 

With a Marxist mission
Drink until dawn

Fuck until noon

Study her body

For debt is the future you can look forward to
Working til’ the day you bleed

Under the illusion that you are free

In desperation that you’ll reach

The American Dream 
They’ll say the view at the top

Is for those who work hard

But their game that you play

Was rigged right from the start

You marry your lover

Have a few kids

The next generation

Of peasants and slaves
Out on the town 

With a degree

Only the bare minimum 

Is what you’re guranteed
If you fall ill

If you get hurt

They’ll leave you to die

Without insurance you’re worth dirt
Nowhere to go

They’ve always owned you

Only now you can see it

Like a damn fool
Working til’ the day you bleed

Under the illusion that you are free

In desperation that you’ll reach

The American Dream 
They’ll say the view at the top

Is for those who work hard

But their game that you play

Was rigged right from the start
Go fight their wars

They’ll tell you it’s the only way out

Now you’re killing others

On behalf of their political spout
They’ll promise you prosperity 

They’ll tell you it’s right

They’ll tell you not to think

And just carry on the good fight
If you survive 

If you abide 

They’ll send you back home 

To be homeless for life
Working til’ the day you bleed

Under the illusion that you are free

In desperation that you’ll reach

The American Dream 
They’ll say the view at the top

Is for those who work hard

But their game that you play

Was rigged right from the start
They’ve gutted the eyes 

From their thralls

Who think living blind

Is the greatest of all
They keep them subdued 

Through church, cars, and reality TV

Letting them vote

To think their lives have any meaning
They let them work

They let them consume

They let them think they have a chance 

To have a life beyond the tomb
Try to rebel

Stand up if you must

Just be prepared to take the bullet

Fired from the end of their gun
© – J.Adam Snyder

Whisper In The Garden

“Whispers In The Garden” – J.Adam Snyder


There’s a whisper in the garden

I can feel it in the trees

Take my hand and fall with me

Into the land of endless sin


Glide your hands gently

Across the marble stone

Touch the vine so softly

Careful not to moan


A serpent he is sleeping

Dreaming the sun away

Wake him from his slumber

And he’ll tempt your flesh to play


Let his kiss caress you

Feel the heat from his hiss

Your daddy may not like it

If his Eve experienced bliss


There’s a whisper in the garden

I can feel it in the trees

Take my hand and fall with me

Into the land of endless sin


Let me paint your canvas

In slithering ecstasy

Taste the fruit from your thighs

Under the forbidden tree


Bite into the apple

Taste the chemistry

Lick the juice from your lips

With a flick so heavenly


Bathe in the waters of rapture

Be anointed on your knees

Baptize your soul in pleasure

And emerge as Aphrodite


There’s a whisper in the garden

I can feel it in the trees

Take my hand and fall with me

Into the land of endless sin


There’s a whisper in the garden

I can feel it in the trees

Take my hand and fall with me

Into the land of endless sin


There’s a whisper in the garden

I can feel it in the trees

Take my hand and fall with me

Into the land of endless sin

© – J.Adam Snyder 

Healing Scars

“Healing Scars” – J.Adam Snyder


There is beauty within all seasons

From the kiss of snow upon a forest floor

To the glistening caress of summer dawning over the ocean’s roar

From the rapturous tears of spring upon the flower

To the dancing orange and red bliss of Autumn’s hour

There is beauty within all seasons


There is light within all darkness

From the stars in the celestial shining with every breath

To the mystic moon singing the world to rest

From an owl piercing through a sky of gloom

To lovers burning the night away in romantic bloom

There is light within all darkness


There is music within all silence

From the whispers of the wind across the grass

To the drumming of the rain against the glass

From the chorus of the dove soaring in delight

To the violin of passion playing in the sunlight

There is music within all silence


There is creation within all destruction

From a butterfly breaking free from the cocoon

To the tree being axed to create a tranquil home of wood

From a new birth taking the place of another’s passing

To the waking of Sol upon Luna’s napping

There is creation within all destruction


There is hope within all fear

From the warmth of a fire in the winter

To the furry embrace of a pet who missed you with a whimper

From the infant rose smiling through the soil

To the laughter of friendship washing away the mundane toil

There is hope within all fear


There is strength within all pain

From climbing to see the majesty atop the mountain

To a stream cutting through a boulder’s oppression

From the fox outwitting his sadistic human hunter

To the roots of the oak withstanding all storms and thunder

There is strength within all pain


There is love within all conflict

From the mother wolf howling to protect her cubs

To the honey bee gathering nectar from the shrub

From a peaceful march against the unjust

To the emerald painting of nature rising from the canvas of dust

There is love within all conflict


There is healing within all scars

From an arrow in the soul from a past lover

To a life lesson being discovered

From a nation standing in unity against violence and corruption

To a seed being planted for reconstruction

There is healing within all scars

© – J.Adam Snyder 

A Millennial’s Response to Baby Boomers

  “A Millineal’s Response to Baby Boomers” – J.Adam Snyder

The older generation needs to stop judging my generation for our lack of economic prosperity, as they are the one’s who fucked it up for us in the first place. Back “in their day,” the dollar had for more value and decent paying jobs were in abundance. Inflation was at at an all-time low, making the cost-of-living easily affordable. Even a couple earning two minimum wage incomes could purchase a full-sized home in their early 20’s.

Today however, inflation and the cost-of-living continue to increase while the value of the dollar continues to decrease, creating what is essentially an endless recession that we can never truly recover from unless a drastic change is made. Millennials are not lazy, in fact social data has revealed us to be the most hardworking and innovative generation in America, as well as the most tolerant and world-aware. To give an example, many millennials work 40+ hours a week (along with attending college) and still require affordable housing and food stamps to survive (unless one wishes to live in a rural setting with no jobs for miles) .This isn’t taking into account the lack of healthcare that millineals face, it is beyond ridiculous to expect us to acquire it when it is beyond our capacity to afford it. College debt is also a contribution, as even base minimum wage jobs have become more difficult to find (with many college students being forced to take such jobs as higher paying careers simply do not exist at the time being).

Another point that Baby Boomers seem to be unaware of is the issue of mental health. Mental illness has only recently been given serious understanding and brought to the forefront of our culture, which for many in the older generation means that mental illness is not a “real” illness in their eyes. For them, the only true illnesses and disabilities are the physical ones, anything else such as anxiety, depression, bi-polar, ADHD, OCD, SAD, PTSD etc…., are simply “all in one’s head” and something that a person can easily “snap out of” if they chose to. It is this line if thinking that prevents those who have mental illnesses from being able to receive the care they need, which when left untreated, leads to more severe mental health issues such as suicide.
The reality is that millineals are simply trying to do our best in the shit that we have inherited from the Baby Boomers, who destroyed our chance at prosperity by wasting countless money and lives in Vietnam and Iraq (among oppressive trade legislations and unregulated Capitalism). The result today is that a small group of Government legislators and Corporate executives control the vast majority of wealth in our nation (commonly referred to as the 1% or 2%). This is a group that the Baby Boomers helped give rise to, and now their children and grandchildren have to drown in the consequences.

There is a reason why Bernie Sanders resonated so deeply with millineals. The system has failed, it (like the views of the Baby Boomers) is outdated and no longer reliable. It needs not reform, but an entire new system in its place. Millineals in other 1st world nations are living considerably more prosperous and quality lives than millineals in the US. This goes for their older generation as well.

The reason? Democratic Socialism. While the taxation is higher, the economic gap is less drastic, with more social services  (including healthcare and college) being adequately provided to the population. This in addition to higher wages that counteract inflation, creates a civilization where the control of the 1% doesn’t exist, allowing full prosperity for all. The populations of every other 1st world nation generally live longer, are better educated, and enjoy a higher quality of life than their US counterparts.
However, the beast that the American Baby Boomers have created is now rearing its ugly head and beginning to bite the hands of those who fed it. Due to the oppressive fiscal system for millineals, Social Security is now on the edge of bankruptcy and its only a matter of time before it collapses entirely unless drastic changes are made. Social Security only works because it is funded by the next generation that pays into it, given the lack of economic prosperity and opportunities for millineals, nobody is paying into it which means the older generation will be retiring into poverty, if they are able to retire at all as some legislators are considering raising the retirement age in a last desperate effort to save Social Security.
It is therefore vital for the older generation to understand millineals and the struggles that we are facing today, instead of falsely judging us and assuming that the world is still the same as what was for them. If they wish to survive from being burned by the fire that they ignited, they will need to learn to work with us. Otherwise, America will eventually collapse into a 3rd-world economy, burying the American Dream for good.

© – J.Adam Snyder 

Understanding The Seven Hermetic Principles

“Understanding The Seven Hermetic Principles”– J.Adam Snyder

Among all the esoteric teachings of the world, Hermeticism is universally accepted and praised. It is as much of a science as it is a religion, as spiritual as it is philosophical, as much of an art as it is a law. Hermeticism transcends all history and encompasses all faiths, leading many to the conclusion that it is the world’s original spiritual practice that all other faiths arouse from. While the exact genesis of Hermeticism may be difficult to trace, numerous historical sources indicate that it was being taught and practiced among the earliest civilizations of mankind. In particular, ancient Egypt, Greece, and Mesopotamia, with small traces of Hermeticism even being found in ancient China.

For the uninitiated, Hermeticism is a mystical philosophy and religion that has been contributed to the teachings of an ancient sage named  Hermes Trismegistus. Whether or not Hermes actually existed is still open for debate. Some scholars hold the opinion of Hermes being purely a symbolic allegory of enlightened man, contrived by the earliest leaders of the ancient faiths as an example of what humans should aspire to. Others hold that Hermes did exist but had his life exaggerated overtime by his followers. One possible historical clue lies in the name of Hermes Trismegistus himself, which appears to be a synchronized congruence of the Greek deity Hermes, and the Egyptian deity Thoth as evidenced by Thoth being referred to by his worshipers as the “Thrice Great,” which would have been adapted into ancient Greek as the name “Trismegistus.”

Regardless of the actual origin of Hermes, the important understanding lies within his teachings, which according to legend, were divinely inscribed upon ancient slabs called the Emerald Tablets. While the Emerald Tablets themselves have never been found (if they even literally existed in the first place), it is known that other ancient cultures had non-emerald tablets with virtually the same teachings. Most notably, the Smaragdine Table and the Kitab sirr al-haliqi (Book of the Secret of Creation and the Art of Nature) found in early Arabia. Nevertheless, the exact origin of the Emerald Tablets of Hermes, much like The Ten Commandments of Moses, remain unknown. However, much like The Ten Commandments, the physical existence of the Emerald Tablets (or lack thereof) does not undermine their spiritual teachings.

Below are the Seven Principles of Hermeticism as laid out by the Emerald Tablets, with additional quoted texts from the anonymously authored and published Rosicrucian book, The Kybalion. My detailed explanations of the esoteric teachings follow after.

The Seven Hermetic Principles

“The Principles of Truth are Seven; he who knows these, 
understandingly, possesses the Magic Key before whose touch all the Doors of the Temple fly open.”-The Kybalion

 1. The Principle of Mentalism
“THE ALL is MIND; The Universe is Mental.” – The Kybalion

The first and foremost Hermetic teaching details the nature of God and the Universe (as well as other planes of existence). Essentially, God is within all, and of all. In other words, God is literally “The All” and is both fully unknowable in logic yet is also fully knowable in spirit. The All is infinite and alive, immortal without beginning or ending. It is an eternal ocean of divine consciousness that created all light, matter, and life. While The All is purely benevolent, it remains impossible to truly describe in language, leading to a unification of both theistic and pantheistic theology. Ultimately, Hermeticism teaches that God cannot be explained, only experienced.

2. The Principle of Correspondence
“As above, so below; as below so above.” – The Kybalion

The phrase “As Above, So Below” is a pillar teaching among all occult communities. In vague terms, it describes virtually everything about the workings of the Universe and beyond. In more specific terms, it teaches that everything which originates from within ourselves, including our very thoughts and consciousness, is a form of subatomic energy and matter. This is of The Below, and it carries outward into the physical world of The Above. Everything that occurs in The Above has an effect on The Below, and vice versa. Furthermore, Hermeticism teaches about three primary planes of existence that all seem to be separated, but are all in fact existing together and deeply connected at the same time. These three primary planes of existence are The Physical, The Mental, and The Spiritual.

3. The Principle of Vibration
“Nothing is at rest; everything moves; everything vibrates.”- The Kybalion

The Principle of Vibration is in many ways similar to what contemporary physicists have come to call The String Theory (impressive considering how far Hermeticism predates modern science). Everything in the Universe from the largest planets to the smallest amounts of energy and matter, are vibrating at some level of frequency across the three primary planes of existence (The Physical, The Mental, and The Spiritual). Hermeticism teaches its adherents that as one raises their vibrations, the more they grow in divinity  and consciousness, eventually transcending and becoming The All.

4. The Principle of Polarity
“Everything is Dual; everything has poles; everything has its pair of opposites; like and unlike are the same; opposites are identical in nature, but different in degree; extremes meet; all truths are but half-truths; all paradoxes may be reconciled.”- The Kybalion

This Hermetic Principle teaches that everything is connected, even things that appear to be opposites. Hot and cold may seem entirely different, yet they are both in fact the same  with the only fundamental separation between them is the temperature. Tranquility and anger are both different, yet are at the same time both emotions and mental states. Birth and death appear to have no connection, yet they both belong to life. It is similar to the Yin-Yang philosophy found in ancient China and other eastern cultures. For the Hermeticist, the spiritual lesson is to understand that one cannot fully overcome evil until they come to recognize that evil exists on the same scale as good. Teaching that one can only truly overcome evil in the world by overcoming the evil that also exists within themselves, which is not possible until one recognizes its existence. This also applies with The Principle of Correspondence, as everything has a “High” or a “Low” action and vibration.

5. The Principle of Rhythm
“Everything flows, out and in; everything has its tides; all things rise and fall; the pendulum-swing manifests in everything; the measure of the swing to the right is the measure of the swing to the left; rhythm compensates.”- The Kybalion

In essence, everything is in motion to some measurable degree, and the stronger a motion the equally stronger the counter-motion. In many ways, it can also be described as the Hindu teaching of Karma; as in what goes around comes around. Energy that is released will eventually find its way back to its source. Seasons change from Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall, but they always return again in a cycle. The teaching is to be aware of one’s thoughts and actions, that nothing in life is static. What you send out will produce an endless ripple effect beyond one’s intended consequences. A lesson for the practicing occultist when it comes to applying their Will.

6. The Principle of Cause and Effect
“Every cause has its effect; every effect has its cause; everything happens according to Law. Chance is but a name for Law not recognized. There are many planes of causation, but nothing escapes the Law.”- The Kybalion

All actions have a reaction, every occurrence is a result of a cause. What may seem like a random coincidence is in fact not a random coincidence at all, but was set in motion by a series of seemingly unrelated but connected events. Every occultist will come to the understanding that their thoughts are power, and while they cannot control every thought that enters their mind, they can choose what thoughts to accept, reject, or focus on. All actions originate as thoughts, The Mental plane, which then become manifested in the form of actions, The Physical plane, and finally carried on into The Spiritual plane. To master one’s thoughts is to master the law of cause-and-effect.

7. The Principle of Gender
“Gender is in everything; everything has its masculine and feminine principles; gender manifests on all planes.”- The Kybalion

According to Hermetic theology, God is as much a female as a male. As much a mother as a father. As much the soil as the rain. Therefore, everything in the Universe has, or is, a representation of both male and female attributes. Gender on The Physical plane relates to the left and right hemispheres in The Mental plane, and symbolized as the sun and the moon on The Spiritual plane. One cannot truly become whole in consciousnesses until they are willing to recognize and learn from both their masculine (sun) and feminine (moon) aspects.

If one is interested in studying Hermeticism, I would recommend reading The Kybalion itself as a starting point. It goes into further in-depth explanations and offers a wealth of spiritual knowledge. In addition, there have been various renditions of the Emerald Tablets that are worth researching such as Isaac Newton and John Dee’s accounts on the subject.


© – J.Adam Snyder

Judaism: The Survival of The Egyptian Priesthood

“Judaism: The Survival of The Egyptian Priesthood” – J.Adam Snyder

Despite the polytheism of ancient Egypt, the Priesthood was actually monotheistic. The Priesthood of Egypt constituted a belief in one Supreme God who was without image, however the masses found such a concept to be impossible for them to understand. This was especially the case as the vast majority the population was illiterate at the time.

In response, the Priesthood created physical representations and mythological poems to help teach the various spiritual aspects of the one Supreme God. As the ages passed however, the masses (including the Pharoah) started mistaking these physical images and fables as being literal gods themselves. This created the first esoteric divide, with the small Priesthood knowing the true meaning of the symbols and the ignorant blindly worshipping such symbols as divine idols.
It also lead to the slow downfall of Egyptian prosperity, as what was once benevolent spiritual wisdom became a dogmatic organized religion by the masses, with the Pharoah arrogantly believing himself to be a god. The original Priesthood did not have the political power to prevent this corruption, and were forced to keep the truth hidden for its own protection by establishing a deeply mystical system invoked in symbolism. Among the many similarities between Judaism and ancient Egypt, perhaps the greatest similarity involves the Ten Commandments found in the Book of Exodus within the Torah, and the commandments found within the Egyptian Book of the Dead.

“Exodus 20-14
1 – I am the Lord your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, from the house of slavery.

2 – You shall not recognize other gods before Me. You shall not make for yourself a carved image, or any likeness of what is in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the water under the earth.

3 – You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain, for the Lord will not leave him unpunished who takes His name in vain.

4 – Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy. Six days you shall labor and do all your work, but the seventh day is a Sabbath to the Lord your God; you shall not do any work, you or your son or your daughter, your male or your female servant, your animal or your stranger within your gates.

5 – Honor your father and your mother, so that your days may be prolonged in the land which the Lord your God gives you.

6 – You shall not murder.

7 – You shall not commit adultery.

8 – You shall not steal.

9 – You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.

10 – You shall not covet your neighbor’s house; you shall not covet your neighbor’s wife or his male servant or his female servant or his ox or his donkey or anything that belongs to your neighbor.”
Compare this to the commandments found within the Book of the Dead that an Egyptian was expected to keep within his lifetime in order to be judged righteously by Anubis in the Underworld:

Hail to thee, great God, Lord of the Two Truths. I have come unto thee, my Lord, that thou mayest bring me to see thy beauty. I know thee, I know thy name, I know the names of God who are with thee in this broad hall of the Two Truths . . . Behold, I am come unto thee. I have brought thee truth; I have done away with sin for thee. I have not sinned against anyone. I have not mistreated people. I have not done evil instead of righteousness . . .

1 – I have not reviled the God.

2 – I have not laid violent hands on an orphan.

3 – I have not done what the God abominates .

4 – I have not killed; I have not turned anyone over to a killer. 

5 – I have not caused anyone’s suffering . . . I have not copulated (illicitly); I have not been unchaste.

6 – I have not increased nor diminished the measure, I have not diminished the palm; I have not encroached upon the fields.

7 – I have not added to the balance weights; I have not tempered with the plumb bob of the balance.

8 – I have not taken milk from a child’s mouth; I have not driven small cattle from their herbage . . .

9 – I have not stopped the flow of water in its seasons; I have not built a dam against flowing water.

10 – I have not quenched a fire in its time . . .

11 – I have not kept cattle away from the God’s property.

12 – I have not blocked the God at his processions.”

This suggests some profound notions:
The first being evident that the ancient Jews did in fact live in ancient Egypt at some point in their history. The second being the story of Moses miraculously receiving the Ten Commandments via divine intervention on Mt. Sinai from God may not be an actual event at all (or at least, a greatly exaggerated one), but rather the ancient Jews took the Commandments found within the Egyptian Book of the Dead and adopted them within their culture, reforming its teachings to suit their own.

This makes even more sense if Moses was an actual historical figure (the debate is still out on that one), and if he was, the story of him being adopted by the Pharoah as that would imply he was raised within the Egyptian priesthood and took their spiritual teachings with him. The Book of the Dead is not the only aspect that Judaism shares with ancient Egypt. The phrase “Amen” originates from the Egyptian sun-deity, “Amun-Ra.” The Kabbalah (Jewish Magic and Mysticism) also shares many similarities to the ancient Egyptian Priesthood inner mystical teachings.

The Star of David, which did not originate from David, was from his successor Solomon. The Star is in fact the Key of Solomon, which is an ancient occultic symbol believed to conjure and control djin (spirits), which Solomon to construct his temple. This symbol can also be found among the Egyptian Priesthood. It is therefore conclusive to state that Judaism is the survival of the ancient Egyptian Priesthood religion, learned by Moses and taught to the Israelites who then adopted and reformed it as their own.

© – J.Adam Snyder

I  Love Her Ways

“I Love Her Ways” – J.Adam Snyder

I love the way she smiles at me

The way her lips curve at the side

As the sunlight paints her elegance

In sublime rapturous sight


I love the way she makes my heart sing

Dancing to her romantic beat

Feeling ecstatic in the heat

And making me yearn for more of her chemistry


I love the way she teases me

Flirtatious games that take me to a happy place

Sampling the sexual energy in the air

Tasting it upon your hot breath


I love the way her eyes sing at me

A bluish grey that glisten with such pristine

Drowning in there magic

And getting lost in their passion

I love the way she touches me

Her soft hands running across my skin

Grasping my hair in electric poetry

As I make her moan in a delightful symphony


I love the way she kisses me

Tasting the bliss that drips from her lips

How her tongue dances inside so freely

And the way she gets drunk from my ecstasy


Most of all though

I love the way she makes me happy

Like the sun kissing against the gloom

She’s my ray of light singing for the moon


©-J. Adam Snyder

Romancing The Tamed 

“Romancing The Tamed” – J.Adam Snyder

Her cerulean chemistry lured me into their abyss

As a look of fright and wonder beckoned me to her lips

She was young and inexperienced

Yearning to fly away on a sublime chariot


I was her first

Living her life imprisoned in her church

Wondering if she should take a bite

From the apple she was forbidden to like


I burned to make poetry to her naked canvas

To paint her soul in rapturous passions

I craved to see her liberated

To majestically soar infatuated


My touch firmly caressed her virgin curves

Like a sunrise mist engulfing the Earth

Her eyes drowning deeply into mine

Glistening like ocean waves under the moonlight


My sorcery was too great to resist

Her innocence too enticing to my bliss

Taking our hands, we went into the woods

And made art against the rapturous light of noon


The guilt made her feel alive

Instead of starved and deprived

The church would say she was deflowered

But she now felt empowered


To me she swore a sacred oath

She would never tell a living soul

They would shun her from the walls

And condemn me for her fall


They would not understand

Her decision to taste romance by a man

She was but a year from womanhood

Hoping to flee from the walls soon


Among nature is my home

Where all artists and outcasts rome

Here there is no oppression or judgment

Only absolute freedom and abundance


Within the woods for her do I wait

To find the courage to one day escape

For love was never meant to be safe

But to forever break the rules of the mundane

© – J.Adam Snyder

The Culture War on Women

“The Culture War on Women”– J.Adam Snyder

Our culture hates women. It has convinced an entire gender to feel inadequate and ashamed of their natural beauty through the use of anorexic and white racially biased propaganda. By doing so, our culture controls women. It takes away their ability to feel empowered, to feel confident, to feel strong, to feel independent.

The deleterious result is beautiful women being encouraged not only to commit slow suicide by starving themselves to death, but also being discouraged to make their own decisions (in terms of health, sex, fashion, and otherwise), to pursue their passions, and to be anything but submissive in a relationship. Your body is God’s ultimate work of living art, the epitome of visual poetry. You must cleanse your mind and soul of the body shaming propaganda you have been brainwashed into believing your entire life. Beauty comes in variety, and it is this uniqueness that makes us all truly enticing to the senses.

You have a right to feel sexy because you are. You have a right to be sexually empowered because it is the only way to be fully empowered. You have a right to feel beautiful because you are beautiful.

You have a right to make your own decisions because you are already an individual. You have the right to pursue your passions because you have a purpose. You have a right to instigate romances because you have a right to be romanced.

To believe anything less is to be guilty of self-abuse.

© – J.Adam Snyder 

Lonely Flies The Dove

“Lonely Flies The Dove” – J.Adam Snyder

Unrequited love
How lonely flies the dove
Bleeding the heart upon the canvas
In the hopes they will return the magic

The blaze may burn bright
Though only one carries the embers in the night
But feeling the heat of romance alone
Is better than a heart freezing to death in the cold

What is a life without a flame
But a prison of the mundane
What is a life without a symphony
But a barren echo of endless misery


What is a moon without the stars
But a celestial canvas without art
What is a dawn without the kiss
But a landscape of desolate mist

Love is like the rapturous rose
Singing its beauty out in vigorous bold
Rejection is like the bite of the thorn
The more you grasp it the more you morn

To love alone is not wrong
But loving yourself is the most strong
Do not let your heart perish in the rains
For bitterness shall your heart be forever chained

© – J.Adam Snyder