A Millennial’s Response to Baby Boomers

  “A Millineal’s Response to Baby Boomers” – J.Adam Snyder

The older generation needs to stop judging my generation for our lack of economic prosperity, as they are the one’s who fucked it up for us in the first place. Back “in their day,” the dollar had for more value and decent paying jobs were in abundance. Inflation was at at an all-time low, making the cost-of-living easily affordable. Even a couple earning two minimum wage incomes could purchase a full-sized home in their early 20’s.

Today however, inflation and the cost-of-living continue to increase while the value of the dollar continues to decrease, creating what is essentially an endless recession that we can never truly recover from unless a drastic change is made. Millennials are not lazy, in fact social data has revealed us to be the most hardworking and innovative generation in America, as well as the most tolerant and world-aware. To give an example, many millennials work 40+ hours a week (along with attending college) and still require affordable housing and food stamps to survive (unless one wishes to live in a rural setting with no jobs for miles) .This isn’t taking into account the lack of healthcare that millineals face, it is beyond ridiculous to expect us to acquire it when it is beyond our capacity to afford it. College debt is also a contribution, as even base minimum wage jobs have become more difficult to find (with many college students being forced to take such jobs as higher paying careers simply do not exist at the time being).

Another point that Baby Boomers seem to be unaware of is the issue of mental health. Mental illness has only recently been given serious understanding and brought to the forefront of our culture, which for many in the older generation means that mental illness is not a “real” illness in their eyes. For them, the only true illnesses and disabilities are the physical ones, anything else such as anxiety, depression, bi-polar, ADHD, OCD, SAD, PTSD etc…., are simply “all in one’s head” and something that a person can easily “snap out of” if they chose to. It is this line if thinking that prevents those who have mental illnesses from being able to receive the care they need, which when left untreated, leads to more severe mental health issues such as suicide.
The reality is that millineals are simply trying to do our best in the shit that we have inherited from the Baby Boomers, who destroyed our chance at prosperity by wasting countless money and lives in Vietnam and Iraq (among oppressive trade legislations and unregulated Capitalism). The result today is that a small group of Government legislators and Corporate executives control the vast majority of wealth in our nation (commonly referred to as the 1% or 2%). This is a group that the Baby Boomers helped give rise to, and now their children and grandchildren have to drown in the consequences.

There is a reason why Bernie Sanders resonated so deeply with millineals. The system has failed, it (like the views of the Baby Boomers) is outdated and no longer reliable. It needs not reform, but an entire new system in its place. Millineals in other 1st world nations are living considerably more prosperous and quality lives than millineals in the US. This goes for their older generation as well.

The reason? Democratic Socialism. While the taxation is higher, the economic gap is less drastic, with more social services  (including healthcare and college) being adequately provided to the population. This in addition to higher wages that counteract inflation, creates a civilization where the control of the 1% doesn’t exist, allowing full prosperity for all. The populations of every other 1st world nation generally live longer, are better educated, and enjoy a higher quality of life than their US counterparts.
However, the beast that the American Baby Boomers have created is now rearing its ugly head and beginning to bite the hands of those who fed it. Due to the oppressive fiscal system for millineals, Social Security is now on the edge of bankruptcy and its only a matter of time before it collapses entirely unless drastic changes are made. Social Security only works because it is funded by the next generation that pays into it, given the lack of economic prosperity and opportunities for millineals, nobody is paying into it which means the older generation will be retiring into poverty, if they are able to retire at all as some legislators are considering raising the retirement age in a last desperate effort to save Social Security.
It is therefore vital for the older generation to understand millineals and the struggles that we are facing today, instead of falsely judging us and assuming that the world is still the same as what was for them. If they wish to survive from being burned by the fire that they ignited, they will need to learn to work with us. Otherwise, America will eventually collapse into a 3rd-world economy, burying the American Dream for good.

© – J.Adam Snyder 

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