The Culture War on Women

“The Culture War on Women”– J.Adam Snyder

Our culture hates women. It has convinced an entire gender to feel inadequate and ashamed of their natural beauty through the use of anorexic and white racially biased propaganda. By doing so, our culture controls women. It takes away their ability to feel empowered, to feel confident, to feel strong, to feel independent.

The deleterious result is beautiful women being encouraged not only to commit slow suicide by starving themselves to death, but also being discouraged to make their own decisions (in terms of health, sex, fashion, and otherwise), to pursue their passions, and to be anything but submissive in a relationship. Your body is God’s ultimate work of living art, the epitome of visual poetry. You must cleanse your mind and soul of the body shaming propaganda you have been brainwashed into believing your entire life. Beauty comes in variety, and it is this uniqueness that makes us all truly enticing to the senses.

You have a right to feel sexy because you are. You have a right to be sexually empowered because it is the only way to be fully empowered. You have a right to feel beautiful because you are beautiful.

You have a right to make your own decisions because you are already an individual. You have the right to pursue your passions because you have a purpose. You have a right to instigate romances because you have a right to be romanced.

To believe anything less is to be guilty of self-abuse.

© – J.Adam Snyder 

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