Lonely Flies The Dove

“Lonely Flies The Dove” – J.Adam Snyder

Unrequited love
How lonely flies the dove
Bleeding the heart upon the canvas
In the hopes they will return the magic

The blaze may burn bright
Though only one carries the embers in the night
But feeling the heat of romance alone
Is better than a heart freezing to death in the cold

What is a life without a flame
But a prison of the mundane
What is a life without a symphony
But a barren echo of endless misery


What is a moon without the stars
But a celestial canvas without art
What is a dawn without the kiss
But a landscape of desolate mist

Love is like the rapturous rose
Singing its beauty out in vigorous bold
Rejection is like the bite of the thorn
The more you grasp it the more you morn

To love alone is not wrong
But loving yourself is the most strong
Do not let your heart perish in the rains
For bitterness shall your heart be forever chained

© – J.Adam Snyder

One thought on “Lonely Flies The Dove

  1. Beautiful piece. I wrote on this topic (unrequited love) not too long ago. My favourite line was, “Love is like the rapturous rose, singing its beauty out in vigorous bold…”

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