Romancing The Moon

“Romancing The Moon”-J.Adam Snyder

As the dawn burns away
Within the mist she does play
Beguiling phantoms to her tune
Conjuring shadows to dance anew

A bleeding heart
Ripped from afar
A black vessel
Of scars and devils

From her tears come ravens
Soaring high into midnight temptations
Painting the sky in celestial cries
Blanketing the land in passionate fright


As the ravens kiss the clouds
They burn in starlit shrouds
Glowing in her broken despair
Engulfing the world in sorrow’s flare

To the moon does she weep
Yearning to awaken luna from her sleep
For her lover sailed across the glistening waves
Vowing to return when the full moon is ablaze

A living nightmare is her art
Eternally forgotten in the dark
Amidst the pale desolate grace
She finds romance in the moon’s embrace

© – J.Adam Snyder

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