The Hidden Rosicrucian History of Christ Conciousness

“The Hidden Rosicrucian History of Christ Conciousness” – J.Adam Snyder

The Rosicrucians evolved out of an ancient Jewish sect called the Essenes, the same Jewish sect that Jesus came from. The Essenes were unique among the established religions of their day; rejecting all forms of organized dogma, promoting egalitarianism among the genders, practicing Kabbalah  (Jewish Mysticism and Magick), and advocating for the abolishmemt of slavery. Perhaps chief among their differences however was their emphasis on separating religion from spiritualism, believing that God had both male and female aspects, and focusing on meditative practices and internal means of salvation as opposed to outwardly displays. In addition to also believing in reincarnation, the Essenes viewed gentiles, particularly the Romans, as being equally loved and valued by God just as much as the Jews. Regardless even if the gentiles were occupying their land at the time.

Today there are many clandestine groups claiming to be Rosicrucians, AMORC being among the most known. However such groups are entirely fradulent, for anyone who claims to be a Rosicrucian publicly is in fact not a Rosicrucian. The Rosicrucians are highly secretive and for good reasons (reasons I will elude to later). They do not publish pamphlets of material, they do not advertise, they do not charge fees, and when they do release information they do so with intense symbolism that only those who have been educated into the esoteric sciences will comprehend.

They meet, but not in the way one would think. They communicate, but not in the way one would assume. They influence, but not in the way one would expect.

The Rosicrucians have no desire to control the Earth or establish a “one world government” as so many conspiracy theorists falsely claim. No esoteric society has such a goal. Instead, the goal is to enlighten mankind by bringing them into a fundamental knowing and understanding of their inner divine nature, allowing humans as a whole to ascend into a higher state of consciousness, eliminating the need for governments almost entirely, thus establishing worldwide illumination of what is known in occultic societies as “Christ Conciousness.”

Rosicrucians remain secret not only due to their history of persecution, but also due to their knowledge of how to manipulate metaphysical energies, something that is profoundly dangerous in the wrong hands. As such, it is a science that must be protected and only practiced by those who seek enlightenment first, again aka “Christ Conciousness.” To understand the meaning of this term, it is important first to understand the history of what it is referring to.

Across many civilizations, the term used is different. For example in Hinduism there is an ascended state of Nirvana which occurs after one has exalted all negative karmic energies. Within Buddhism there is a similar belief in attaining Enlightenment, which sets the soul permanently free from required reincarnation as it has the soul no longer needs to learn in this realm.

Among the Jewish Kabbalah there are several stages of internal, spiritual developments one has to ascend through in order to reach the “crown,” thus becoming one like God. In the case of Christianity, this is commonly known as the Holy Spirit, though it is originally intended to be a deep spiritual process and not akin to the rather cheap, fruitless version mega-churches often speak of today to make quick converts. Islam has transcendentalism, as taught by the Islamic sage, poet, and philosopher Rumi.

In far Eastern faiths there is a belief in Chi, meaning “Breath” in Chinese, along with Chakras, roughly meaning “Energies Within.” The practitioners of this belief, particularly the followers of Taoism, taught that an individual can manipulate these internal energies and ascend into a higher and more powerful being. The ancient Gnostics held a belief in this practice as well, calling this internal spiritual process “Gnosis,” meaning literally “Knowledge” in Greek.

All these faiths hold to the same esoteric belief that mankind is not purely a physical creature. That we are primarily a spiritual being having a physical experience, and through the realization of this nature we can grow our souls, our consciousness, and eventually evolve into divinity. The Rosicrucians were instructed into this practice through the Kabbalah via their origins as Essene sages, and kept the practice safe throughout the western world for millennia.

It is vital to note that the Essenes commonly adopted gentiles into their group. While religiously the Essenes practiced Judaism, there were certainly many outside spiritual influences, this in addition made them not so homogeneous ethnically either. This diversity later allowed the sages of the Essenes, who were the only Jewish sect to believe Jesus was the Messiah, to easily flee execution from the Romans after the destruction of Solomon’s Temple.

These Essene sages then established themselves within ancient Germany, an area that was not entirely under Roman control, and created a secret society to protect these esoteric teachings. That society became known as the Fraternitatis Roux Croix, or “Brotherhood of the Rosary Cross” in English translations. The Rosicrucians continued to practice their mystical teachings throughout the ages, avoiding any and all public attention or acknowledgement in fear of the Roman Catholic Church discovering their practices and destroying them. It wasn’t until the 17th century that the Rosicrucians would publish two small but symbolically detailed documents (the only documents still ever released from the Rosicrucians) outlying who they were, what they studied, and what they sought.

Immediately after, people began publicly studying these documents and a revolution swept across Europe, a revolution known as the Renaissance. One of these men was DaVinci, who became a Rosicrucian. Sir  Francis Bacon and William Shakespeare later joined the Rosicrucians as well. The Rosicrucians no doubt had an influential hand in bringing about the rebirth of Western Civilization, an influence that extended well into the enlightenment era with philosophers such as John Locke and the Founding Fathers of America.

It is through the doctrine of Christ Conciousness (or enlightenment) that continues to move humanity forward not only as a physical species, but also as an esoteric and spiritual beings. This is the sublime influence of the Rosicrucians, from the lost history of a Kabalistic Jewish sect, to Christian mysticism, and the world today. The more we continue to grow our consciousness, the more peaceful the world will become.


© – J. Adam Snyder

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