Dreaming with God

“Dreaming with God” – J. Adam Snyder

When I was 21 I had a dream where I met God, the best way for me to describe it is I was within a realm of pure benevolent light energy which was as much female as it was male.

In this dream I felt safe, loved, and as if I was existing without time. I asked the Light, “God, what is the right religion?”

The Light gave me a humorous sensation  (it’s hard to describe exactly) and stated, “I don’t care! What is the right language?”

Upon awakening from what felt like a vidid celestial slumber, I then sensed as if I had just experienced a profound answer to a long misunderstood question that has divided mankind.

Perhaps it was a subconscious moment of enlightenment? Perhaps it was just a mere dream that I am looking too much into?

Either way, it has had an impact on my life views. Make of it what you will….


© – J. Adam Snyder

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