The Occult: An in-depth Definition

  “The Occult: An in-depth Definition”– J. Adam Snyder

Being an occultist has nothing to do with Satan worship or any other nefarious practices, it is simply the scientific study of metaphysics and the pursuit of esoteric wisdom. Like a table, on the initial surface if you ask a man what he sees, he will answer with the claim that it is a piece of furniture. Such an answer, while not necessarily being incorrect, is rudimentary.

The deeper answer is that the table is more than just mere furniture, it consists of someone’s design, someone’s work, someone’s measurements and tools, someone’s craft. Look even deeper and one will see the tree that the table was birthed from, the atoms that form its vital structure, and finally the innate desire of the man who had conjured a vision to create the table in the first place.

You are not a body with a soul, you are a soul with a body. Until you can realize this, you will not find the answers you seek. You must first awaken your consciousness by realizing your consciousness. Everything else is but a manifested extension.

Occultism is the scraping away from the mundane, delving into the endless mystic oceans of life, and emerging more enlightened and more powerful because of it. This makes the occult the highest of all sciences, and the purest expression of art.


 © – J.Adam Snyder

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