Kissing Dragons

“Kissing Dragons” – J. Adam Snyder

From a palace in the sky
Lived a princess of lost pride
Her people once spoke to dragons
But they vanished into madness

The last of her kind
Without a soul to find
Loneliness is all she knew
Upon her island of eternal noon

Walking once civilized streets
And desolate valleys of sleep
Thoughts burning for more
Clouds painting over the world

Upon a mountain top stood a rock
Chiseled in the image of a dragon block
An inscription demanded a maiden’s kiss
To awaken the power to redeem sin

Feeling adventurous
She decided to climb in restlessness
To the forbidden peak in all the land
And discover if the legend was truly grand

She clawed with sweat
Cried out for rest
Knowing there was no other way
To seek the answers that she craved

At the summit she stood high
Taking in the majestic sight
Turning to face the stone-covered dragon
Her heart pounding in nervous satisfaction


Gently she walked over
Placing a hand upon its proud shoulder
Leaning in to kiss the beast
Such a silly thing she thought humorously

The moment her lips touched the stone
A bright light encased her in a cyclone
Roaring vigorously with power
A dragon broke free from its spellbound slumber

Overcome with amazement and fright
The princess attempted to run for her life
But the dragon flew in front of her path
Like a titan from ages past

The dragon spoke to her in a serene voice
Soothing her fears into rejoice
She sat down ready to listen
Ready to escape her isolated prison

Telling her the story of how it came to be
Revealing to her the hatred of mankind beneath
Hunting every dragon for their hide
And in the name of sadistic pastimes

Her kind lived with the dragons in peace
Where they taught her people sorcery
Yet across the waters the others came
Enslaving her people with painful chains

In an act of desperation, her family made a plan
To send their royal daughter to the cloud land
The home of the dragons and mystic ways
Until the day came for her to descend and liberate

© – J. Adam Snyder

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