Logic vs The Wall of Trump

“Logic vs The Wall of Trump” – J. Adam Snyder

Conversing with Trump supporters is always amusing because when you are forced to do the thinking for them and systematically break down his political proposals, they discover that none of his ideas are actually practical or viable and are instead factually ignorant and dangerous.

Let’s take his wall construction and mass deportation system as an example:

1 – Such a construction project would require massive amounts of time and money, more than we could feasibly produce. Vital social resources would have to be cut in order to fund such a behemoth, including the forceful relocation of civilians who live among the border and the wall’s path. Trump supporters claim it won’t be an issue because Mexico will pay for it, which leads me to point number two.

2 – Mexico is under no obligation to pay for anything. Aside from them having the GDP of a third-world country and lacking the resources to do so (due to our oppressive trade agreements which prevents them from becoming prosperous), there is no law that can make them. In fact, UN laws forbid economic harassment of other nations, which is essentially what the US would be attempting under a Trump presidency. The consequences of doing so would create an international backlash of Trade Sanctions against the US, barring us from exports and imports, leading to fiscal collapse and a Depression-era economy. This means higher prices for gas as foriegn oil would now be off the market along with bannanas, electronics, and everything else that is produced outside the US. Asking Mexico to pay for a wall is akin to asking France to pay your apartment rent, it’s the same asinine logic.

3 – Despite conservatives loving to bitch about the dangers of “big government,” the reality is that implementing Trump’s immigration policies would increase the power of the Federal Government to colossal levels. It would require a massive police state presence to patrol every street and neighborhood in the nation, as well as requiring civilians to relinquish their God-given Constitutional Rights to privacy and a fair trial as police, military, and federal agents would have the authority to search your person for civilian documentation without your given consent, including using violence if they deem so. This would lead to a paranoia-based society under the heel of constant surveillance and unlawful police brutality and racial profiling. It would also require a massive increase in taxation, higher than any in US history. Having such a vast anti-immigration system would require such vast amounts of people to be paid (24/7 mind you) for both the groundwork as well as the computer technicians keeping and maintaining such a powerful civilian database, leading to further fiscal collapse much akin to the cost of the wall.

As you can see Trump supporters, your bigoted prejudices and fears has clouded your critical thinking skills (if you had any to begin with that is). For once you take the time to intellectually deconstruct any of Trump’s policies, you discover that not a single one could ever actually make America great again in anyway or form.


©-J. Adam Snyder

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