The Old World Order origins of The American 1%

“The Old World Order origins of The American 1%” – J. Adam Snyder

The 1% came to power in America during the time of Andrew Jackson, whose chaotic Presidency left many areas of the nation in fiscal ruin. This provided an opportunity for the descendents of European aristocracy and royal families to establish the first western investment firms by using the wealth they inherited from their ancestors.

This was the start of the rebirth of the Old World Order. Many are familiar with the term “New World Order” but remain ignorant on what it truly means, and as a result  falsely fear it. To properly understand this topic, one must first understand the definitions of these two ideologies and when they came about.

The Old World Order consisted of the belief that mankind was inherently sinful and needed to be ruled over by Divine Royalty and the Catholic Church to keep the evil nature of the masses in check. Proponents of this doctrine believed that the tyrants of Europe were chosen by God to be kings, queens, and nobility and that only they should control the power and the wealth.

During the Age of Enlightenment, a counter doctrine was proposed called The New World Order. This philosophy argued that mankind was not inherently sinful or evil, that God gave all men the same Divine Rights as the royalty, and that organized religion and Biblical-literalism was a man-made corruption of the axiomatic truth. The New World Order attempted to liberate mankind from the tyranny of the Old World Order by founding a new land where Democracy could be revised once again and that the masses could pursue and retain their own personal wealth without it being confiscated or controlled by an elitist establishments.

After many American generations and the slow liberation of European nations into Democracies, the aristocratic descendents of the Old World Order sought to preserve their power through organized systems of wealth control. Many came to America, which much of the nation was isolated and still not colonized, and used their ancient wealth to control the masses. This happened not only through private loans to civilians, but also through investments into corporations and even politicians.

The result is that in America today, unlike in Europe where the ancestors of the 1% were driven out generations ago, a small group of families control literally the vast majority of the economy and have a strong influence upon our political system. It is the remains of the Old World Order, and through far right-wing policies, they hope to reestablish what their tyrannical ancestors once had in the past.

It’s not the New World Order you should fear, but the Old World Order.


© – J.Adam Snyder

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