Sophia and Minerva

“Sophia and Minerva”– J. Adam Snyder

Whispers from the forest
Chase me under the stars
I will show you a power
That mortals worship from afar

When the evening mist engulfs the trees
And the village candles burn in fright
The shadows will blanket their dreams
As the owl takes his lunar flight

Follow cautiously behind
Under his wings of wisdom
He will guide you to the secret light
That reveals the arcane kingdom

Remove the shroud from your eyes
And drown in the mystic waters
You will emerge illuminated
For you now possess the embers


Carry the torch
Which ignites from within
The spark of divinity
Will keep you from requiem

As the gloom begins to rest
The rains will cry
Keep the blaze hidden
To keep its radiance dry

Such poetry you wield
The villagers will not understand
For they exist in the shroud
And would abuse it like they do the land

Protect the flame
Let it shine in sublime might
Other bearers will see your inferno
And rapture away the eternal night

© – J. Adam Snyder

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