Pharisees in the Restroom

“Pharisees in the Restroom” – J. Adam Snyder

I hope all the churches and Christians I see bitching about transgendered individuals using the restroom realize that they’re only reinforcing the already negative image people have of Christianity, and are behaving in the most antithesis Christ-like way possible.

What if a transgendered person was seeking a community where they could find love and acceptance, and are drawn by the benevolent teachings of Jesus? Yet, upon seeing the ignorance and bigotry of Pharisees masquerading as Christians, decides to rule out your faith all-together and assume all Christians are right-wing fascists wishing to impose their hateful dogma upon the world?

This also applies to the Christians I have seen praising the homophobic “Freedom of Religion” laws that have been perverting the American South. Such laws do not originate from a place of love, they originate from a place of fear; fear of individuals who are different.

As someone who does not identify as a Christian, I find this culture war that so many churches wish to engage in to be as frightening as it is idiotic. I have studied and believe in the teachings of Jesus immensely, the same as I have studied and believe in the teachings of Krishna and the Buddha, and the core message of all these Light-Bearers is To Love Thy Neighbor.

Perhaps it is Christianity that currently needs Christ and not the rest of the world?


© – J. Adam Snyder

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