Emerald Matricide

“Emerald Matricide” – J. Adam Snyder

Mother nature
The goddess of life
How we have forsaken you
And raped your flesh with knives

We cut your trees
Murdered your creatures
In the name greed
And vengeful pleasures

We strangled your lungs
In polluted corruption
Perverted your canvas
For golden seduction

Crying luna in your eyes
Your smiling sunshine has now died
Bitter hissing in the wind
Your body forever shaking from our sin

emerald matricide

Instead of gardening love
We build our bombs
Ready to unleash our hate
When violence calls

Existing as nations and tribes
Not as brothers under the same sky
Eternally enslaved to the demon
Of self-destructive materialism

We have done so much wrong
Unworthy of existing on your blue home
Please forgive us, your emerald majesty
And give us another chance to live peacefully

© – J. Adam Snyder

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