Traditional vs Self-Publishing: Stop The Hate

“Traditional vs Self-Publishing: Stop The Hate”-J. Adam Snyder

Why do some people in the literary industry insist on bashing each other over Traditional-Publishing vs Self-Publishing?


Both have their pros and cons.

Traditional publishing has the advantage of mass marketing and tends to pay higher royalties. Self-publishing on the other hand allows the artist to have more freedom with their work, as well as having the advantage of being more convenient as you can quickly make your work available through a wide range of online (as well as retail in some cases) venues without going through all the waiting and Corporate hoops of major publishing houses.

Some are of the opinion that self-published books are all mediocre in quality. This opinion however is a baseless fallacy, as while there are some self-published books which are quite bad, there are just as many mediocre traditionally published books too. A professional Author will always revise their manuscript multiple times, and hire an editor to go over it again before sending their final draft to print. It’s not the venue that determines the quality of a book, it’s the Author and how much work and care they put into their art. A lazy Author will write bad books, regardless of whether they are published traditionally or not.

I personally went with Wildfire Publications, a smaller publisher who was very professional and respectful of my work. In the end it comes down to personal preference and what you feel most comfortable with regarding your art. I don’t believe one type of publishing is superior to the other, I think there’s room for both in the industry and as such they both deserve the same respect.

©-J. Adam Snyder

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