I Stand With Kesha

“I Stand With Kesha”-J. Adam Snyder

There is something wrong with our society when nobody takes the sexual assault of a person seriously, especially that of a pop star. While I am personally not a fan of Kesha’s music (oh sorry, I meant “Ke$ha”) as I find her lyrics to be rather mindless and overly auto-tuned, I am legitimately concerned for her and the possibility of other victims who may have also faced sexual assault in the music industry.

This is something we don’t often talk about, we see the mainstream music industry as being something glamorous. Yet it seems it has a dark side, and not just one where it fucks over Indie Artists. Nobody should ever be forced or coerced to perform sexual favors for the sake of their career, what happened to Kesha would never be allowed to just be swept under the rug in any other work place. However it appears the entertainment industry is unfortunately different, and because there’s countless amounts money involved justice does not seem to be so blind.

  Rape is wrong, rape is a crime, and rape is something we must stand up against and put an end to. Just because a corporate big shot at a major record label commits such a vile act does not exclude him from the consequences of his actions. He is guilty of an unspeakable crime, and he must face justice. A contract should not take power over human rights. We must not remain silent, we must all raise our voices and fight back, we must make noise and force them to hear us. Sexual assault has no place in any society, and it’s time that society remembers it.

stand with kesha©-J. Adam Snyder

One thought on “I Stand With Kesha

  1. I don’t know the full story but I’ve grabbed snippets here and there.
    The fact she is legally bound to a contract with Dr Luke is absurd and reprehensible. Clearly something terrible happened, yet nothing has been done about it, even through a court of law.

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