Burning Eden

(Tried a different rhyme style than my usual format as I like to grow my writing, let me know if you like it)

“Burning Eden”-J. Adam Snyder

Upon the celestial shore
The angel stands tall
Who fled from heaven
To experience passionate ardor

Burning Eden to the ground in romance
Liberating her lover from dogmatic enslavement
Removing the hoodwink of divine blindness
Eradicating the shackles of sinful ignorance

The sun blazed in excitement
Praising the revolution of love
While Luna wept a gentle symphony
Of rapturous bold defiance

The soil cried for the rain
Arrows of light bled through the trees
Oceans glistened in glorious pride
While the twilight beckoned in vain

Sinners played above
Saints labored in hell
Taking sides in the war
Over who will cage the dove

angel poem

Spreading her wings
The angel took flight
Smashing her halo to the ground
Rebelling against the king

In a tyrant’s fury
The king sent his forces
Demons masquerading as seraphs
To end the angel’s story

With the sacred apple
She offered her lover a forbidden taste
Of delicious wisdom and knowing
Against the wishes of the temple

Knowing her fate was now sealed
She smiled in delight
For her lover would now be free
To never again be a thrall in the field

Unable to defeat her
The king placed a curse
Transforming her beauty into a snake
To forever crawl across the dirt

Now she watches her passion from afar
Trying to speak
Whispering to be found
As her lover has forgotten her

Yearning for bliss
For her passion to remember
To make their romance sovereign
Will take a serpent’s kiss

©-J. Adam Snyder

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