Kabbalah: A Quick Introduction

“Kabbalah: A Quick Introduction” – J. Adam Snyder

 Kabbalah is a divine science that does three primary things for the user:
 – Elevates the practitioner into a higher level of consciousness, where they become more in tune with their spiritual nature, which is our true nature, and become enlightened/illuminated with sublime wisdom much like Christ, Krishna, and the Buddha. Transcendental meditation and intense prayer is often practiced by Kabbalists to achieve this state.
 – A deeper knowledge and understanding of the nature of God and the Soul, which is not about religion but a sincere spiritual bond and relationship with the Divine.
 – The ability to manipulate metaphysical energies via one’s will to make effects and results happen within the world, for better or for worse. This science is highly secretive and should be done primarily in a controlled environment as in the wrong hands it can be used to bring about deleterious effects. Hence the golden rule of sorcery;”Do what thou will, Harm none.”
It is important to note that rituals, sigils, sacred geometry, crystals etc…., and other physical representations often used in sorcery do not have any actual power themselves, as they are after all simply chants, rocks, and drawings of chalk upon the floor. What gives them esoteric power is your Will and nothing more, the rituals and physical manifestations are purely there as a tool to reinforce the practitioners Will, removing the doubt from the conscience and helping one to believe absolutely in the Kabbalah process.
 A ritual can be virtually anything you desire it to be: A simple wave of the hand, drawing an odd phrase on a piece of paper, or whispering an obscure phrase. It doesn’t matter, as long as you believe and apply your Will to it, provided your Will is strong enough.

 Despite the outcry from the Profane, occultism was never anything nefarious, nor did it ever have anything to do with sacrifices or Satan worship. These were superstitions and propaganda invented by organized religious zealots out of fear and ignorance. Much the same way they did with other sciences such as astronomy, medicine, and biology.

The term “occult” simply means “hidden,” and that’s exactly what it is, a hidden science of the Divine. It should only be studied, practiced, and passed down by and to those who possess high moral, intellect, and spiritual aptitude.

As it always has been, always will be, and always should be.
© – J. Adam Snyder

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