Poetry: Walking Among Wolves

“Walking Among Wolves” – J. Adam Snyder

Upon the glistening lake, I saw the wolf
Howling in sorrow at the dawning moon
His mystic eyes echoed to mine
Telling my soul to follow him to the land of the setting sunrise

In my business suit I could not swim
I left it behind and into the cool water I went
My heart began to dance in a mysterious beat
The sound of nature beckoning me to be free

walking among wolves

At the shore I emerged
With the scars of corporate work healing with a new ardor
The stars kissed bright and ignited the midnight
Painting the trees in celestial delight

The smell of pine dancing in the air
Tranquil woodland mist burning my poetic flare
Upon a rock, the wolf sat perched
Singing how happiness lies not in materialistic dirt

Among the emerald bliss, my passion blazed anew
Engulfed in the magic of wildlife’s muse
Never sell your being to greed or well-paid oppressive work
Only through art can you find true meaning to satisfy your heart

© – J. Adam Snyder

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