Poetry: The Red Horseman’s Reign

“The Red Horseman’s Reign”-J. Adam Snyder

(Dedicated to all the victims of terrorism and war in Paris and worldwide)

I am cancer in the souls of men
A serpent hissing of fanatic sin
I breed on hate and fear
Bigotry and religious tears

I’ve taken more lives than all the tyrants of the world
I’ve filled more graves than any illness mankind has endured
Armies march like rats in rhythm to my flute
Brainwashed sheep ready to murder for my sadistic muse

I am more powerful than you can comprehend
Dangerous and immortal, you are the ones who keep me fed
My influence is undeniable
Yet mankind always tries to make my actions justifiable

Sometimes they use the Bible
Sometimes the Koran for murderous vile
Sometimes they use wealth
Sometimes they use vengeful yells

Despite it all I am not alone to blame
They share the consequence for giving into hate
Mankind seeks to rid the world of me
Yet they’re only willing to do it violently

if we don't end war, war will end us

Humans were not created for war
They have no claws, fangs, or tough fur
PTSD is the result of such violence
Such savagery, their mortal brains cannot process

To compensate they make their swords
Ready to slit throats in the name of their lords
Instead of picking up a violin and learning to make art
They choose to pick up a gun and shoot away the love in their hearts

They call it service to God
They call it patriotic law
They call it keeping peace
They call it revolutionary deeds

Who am I
Who has blinded your eyes
You cannot see
I am everything that you vow not to be

I am hate
I am greed
I am fundamentalism
I am jealousy

I am bitterness
I am depression
I am poverty
I am indifference

I am terrorism
I am prejudice
I am pride
I am lies

I am judgment
I am fear
I am zeal
I am dogma

I live in every nation
I exist in every religion
Like a blight
I dwell in you like a parasite

Who am I
Open your eyes
I am war
You will never defeat me by making more

I can only be eradicated from within
Divine benevolence must wash away the sin
Mankind must evolve
The spirit must be illuminated to cast away the fog

A higher consciousness must be obtained
For it is the only way to cleanse the bloodstains
Pure love and united grace
Will forever end the Red Horseman’s reign

©-J. Adam Snyder

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