Poetry: “Gaia’s Requiem”

“Gaia’s Requiem” – J. Adam Snyder

The morning was brisk
And the sun kissed bright
As I went into the woods
To escape from the city life

Tranquility is what I seek
Away from the bustling and dirty streets
A place where God and nature meet in serenity
For my soul to get lost in His majesty

It’s so quiet in the forest
And if you listen closely, you can hear the trees conversing
A gentle beam of light, like an arrow, pierces through the leaves
Beckoning my soul to wander further into the woodland mystery

Birds of every feather hum a chorus in the air
As the hooves of the deer drum across the forest with elegant flair
Rivers and streams run wild with glistening might
As the lone wolf howls for the coming moonlight


In the city they speak of work
They want forty-hours of your life a week in exchange materialistic dirt
They spew advertisements for buying happiness
Everything from oversized vehicles, trendy clothes, and even a cure for fatness

Yet they are never satisfied
Always buying more to try and fix their shallow lives
They do not know of true enjoyment nor peace
For they have forgotten the glory of nature’s sublime symphony

It is a painting for the eyes and a song for the ears
A lonely forest path is poetry for the soul’s frontier There is no pollution and no more strife
Only absolute freedom for a man and his life

Listen to the music
And follow the sound of the green acoustic
Get lost in the emerald dream for millennium
As you marvel at the divinity of Gaia’s requiem

© – J. Adam Snyder

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