Poetry: Soul Erotica

“Soul Erotica”– J. Adam Snyder

(Dedicated to the sublime art of cunninglingus, one of my favorite sexual pastimes)

Lustful maiden standing in the sun
Her blissful wet body caresses my tongue
Squeezing me deeply into her thighs
Her soft steady moaning turns into cries

Electric fingers running through my hair
Commanding me on how to lick her flare
Warm delights racing through my mind
Sending her soul screaming into the sublime

Erotic passions under the light
Giving way to such a tasteful appetite
Reaching up to stroke her breasts
She begins to orgasm under my hot breath

Her heart beats in time with mine
Drumming ever louder as the sunlight dies
Throbbing moisture in my mouth
As her head rolls back into a howl

Legs form a noose around my neck
Ripping the sheets as the bed turns to wreck
Drenched in sweat her nudeness was my muse
As cool night air came in under the moon

My tongue was my paintbrush
Our passion now hush
Her body my canvas
As I licked my way to her satisfaction

© – J.Adam Snyder


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