Poetry: Drowning The Pharisee

“Drowning The Pharisee”-J. Adam Snyder

Like a serpent you slither in the grass
Hiding the Pharisee behind your fake christian mask
Offering a smile of false friendship
All the while stabbing them in the back with your lies and gossip

Upon your dogmatic trash heap do you sit
Quoting your scripture like a judgmental hypocrite
Pretending to be a man of God
All the while living like a fraud

It is time to let you go
To let you suffer in your self-righteous sorrows
You the Pharisee have done this to yourself
And are a living insult to Christ himself

Now the sun has finally set
As what goes around eventually comes back
You’re not worth hating so I forgive
As you forever drown in your eternal mediocre abyss

©-J. Adam Snyder

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