Preview: Ruby Bliss

“Ruby Bliss” (Preview) – J. Adam Snyder

Hot night engulfed the city, igniting the fire that had been blazing within us to roar. She was sublime, with glistening starlit eyes that danced under the moonlight and luscious ruby lips that beckoned me to their blissful taste. We were standing under the lamplight outside her home with the moon kissing her elegance in majesty, we hugged in a long embrace and as we slowly pulled away I felt the allure of her eyes and the slight quivering of her lips, singing to me for a kiss. I was locked in her magic eyes, feeling their powerful gravity bring me to her lips and hers to mine.

My warm lips felt her tongue slide in slowly to greet mine, I then pulled back as I begun to make my way down to her beautiful exposed neck, tasting her bliss and raining my hot gasping down upon her. I could feel her body arch closer into mine, and her ruby lips were so sweet I had to have more, more of her addictive chemistry that I could taste with every warm press of her lips and every swirl of her tongue. I could feel her begin to sweat through her gentle moaning, and that the symphony of ecstasy was just starting.

With our arms and lips caught up in the sublime dance, we made our way into her house as the hot passion continued to burn between us. Our hands quickly begun to unzip and take clothes off in such haste like it was a race to see who can get naked the fastest. My shirt came off in the kitchen, hers came off in the living room, exposing the perfect plump breasts that beckoned my pleasure through her bra. As we finally made our way into the bedroom she used her foot to slam the door behind us and pushed me away for a brief second as she locked her roaring bluish-gray eyes onto mine again. The hot chemistry, I could almost taste it in the erotic air, and I was about to have more, and she was about to know what making love truly was about.

I reached out and grabbed her arm, pulling her to the bed where I laid her down and gazed into her eyes again. They sang such a symphony to my soul. I slowly went down to her ear and whispered softly, “I’m going to make poetry to you. I’m going to make music to you. I’m going to rapture you to the celestial Eden, where the angels of pleasure fly and the demons of passion dance, and when you come back down, your body and soul will never be the same.”

©-J.Adam Snyder

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