Poetry: Flight of Poetic Ecstasy

Flight of Poetic Ecstasy“-J. Adam Snyder

I yearn to get lost
Under a sea of stars
With your head on my chest
Resting against my singing heart

Your lips are so soft
They beckon me for a taste
I want to experience your bliss
As you rapture my soul away

I desire to see you dance
And seduce the moon in a trance
I want to see you smile
And beguile the sun into a romance

Let us lock eyes
And drown the world away
Igniting the sparks of love
Setting passionate chemistry ablaze

I need to make music
To your delicate flesh
A sublime symphony
Of poetic caress

Like a burning violin
I can make your delight sing
In a melody of hot gasping
And engulf you in ecstasy that is so pristine

To see the dawn’s bleeding beams
Paint your naked poetry in majesty
Would be a feast for my eyes
And would allure me to you like gravity

To immortalize such divinity
Is my artistic dream
I seek to capture your bliss upon the poetic canvas
And fly you to Eden with my angelic wings

©-J. Adam Snyder

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