Poetry: The Brown Eyed Maiden and Her Shakespeare

“The Brown Eyed Maiden and her Shakespeare”– J. Adam Snyder

Come on my brown eyed passion
Give me a taste
Take my hand
And let us escape
You know this fire
Has been raging too long
So let me set you free
With my romantic song

You say you belong to another man
Yet I can make love better than he ever can
I make your heart beat and sing
And you do the same to me
Our souls have already kissed
And copulated in poetry
We’ve already awoken something deep
And the flame will never sleep

You fear a monster
That calls out your name
I vow to forever stand by your side
As we slay the beast down in pride
O’ brown eyed maiden
You make this poet roar
This Shakespeare is all yours
So what are you waiting for

You possess brown eyes like a fawn
I am so beyond spellbound
By how they glisten with the dawn
They show me the soul
Of a woman who is bold
And the blissful magic I feel
Hits me like sublime thunder
And ignites my spirit with ardor

Don’t be so distant
Just take the leap
No point in resistance
As I know I make your heart bleed
Why be chained in such misery
Your finger is without a ring
So take my hand and let us depart
As we sail away to the land of our hearts

©-J. Adam Snyder

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