Poetry: Sunset Tranquility

“Sunset Tranquility”-J. Adam Snyder

As the daylight beams begin to rest
The trees breathe and dance to dusk’s caress
Kissing the sky in golden hues
Relaxing to the majesty of nature’s tune

The sunset melody is so bold
Tranquility against the burning gold
This living art is so sublime
It would be a sin to let it die

So gentle is the breeze
It sooths my soul with such ease
Shadows weeping for the moon
Yearning to play under the starlight of June

Summer has finally come
The gloom is gone and the blue skies have won
This perfect bliss may not last
Yet I’ll live this moment as if it will never pass

Time has no meaning in this place
The twilight beckons for me to stay
Deep inside I can feel the call
Of the brown-eyed maiden of nightfall

Through the wind, God whispers to me
Telling my soul to fly high and free
I can hear the birds caroling such a chorus
It is so peaceful and yet so costless

O’ nature how we have hurt thee
Taking for granted your majesty
Let us be better stewards to this Eden
And nurture its fruits lest thee become barren

If mankind continues this raid
Against Gaia’s sublime reign
These serene moments will be no more
For the tranquil sunset will have died upon the shore

©-J. Adam Snyder

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