Poetry: A Ballad by The Sea

“A Ballad by The Sea”-J. Adam Snyder

O’ how I long to live by the sea
Where the endless horizon can make me dream
To feel the cool majestic breeze
Sooth my soul with such peace

O’ how I yearn to make love by the sea
To see the dawn’s bleeding beams
Paint her body in such poetry
And make my heartstrings beat and sing

O’ how I burn to write by the sea
To make friends with the gulls and feed them seeds
Where I can think and ponder with such ease
As the roaring ocean makes me weep

O’ how I desire to smile by the sea
Let it submerge me in God’s majesty
To feel the warm sand beneath my feet
And to be caressed by the sublime warm beach

O’ how I covet to marvel by the sea
To be enchanted by the moonset’s symphony
Where the rich salt air is pristine to breathe
And the tranquil starlight so beguiles me

O’ how I yearn to die by the sea
To lay underneath dancing palm trees
Where my spirit can finally be set free
As the glistening waters carry me off to sleep

©-J. Adam Snyder

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