Poetry: Symphony of Naked Poetry

“Symphony of Naked Poetry”-J. Adam Snyder

I will look you in the eyes
And get lost in their sublime
I will caress your neck with hot breathing
And paint your flesh in pure ecstasy

I will pull you close
And make you experience love like you’ve never known
I will make your body scream
In an earthshaking delightful symphony

I will make you moan
As my hands gently touch your soul
I will make you gasp
As my warm lips taste your fruit at last

I will make your heart race
As my hot tongue slides in for a taste
I will make your panting grow
As I make your hot passion flow

I will make you feel
Every nerve come alive with zeal
I will make you learn
How a man is supposed to make your body burn

I will lay you down
As I massage you in rhythm to orgasmic sounds
I will stroke your breasts
With such blissful caress

I will make you cry
For the sky in such a high
I will make you forever yearn
For the Eden that we burn

I will make the sun
Rage in envy at our fun
I will make the moon
Weep in jealousy at our erotic tune

I will make you believe in magic
As my thrust makes your living mosiac feel electric
I will make you taste absolute bliss
In a blazing kiss

I will slowly brush the hair from your face
As I gaze at the marvel of your female grace
I will make you understand
What it’s like to truly be loved by a man

©-J. Adam Snyder

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