Poetry: Over the Sunset Rays

“Over the Sunset Rays”-J.Adam Snyder
(Inspired by my move back to the West Coast)

A dream beats inside
Of escaping away
To a land of light
And majestic scenic gaze

Where the hate has been slain
And hope has no decay
Where I may smile
For the rest of my days

Set my soul free
From its cage
And fly me away
Over the sunset rays

Let its bleeding beams
Pierce into me
Let its might
Kiss against me

Take me away
Above the lowlands
Into the sky
To the land of mountains

Where nature is the rule
And she will serve as my muse
Where endless hills run wild
Against the rugged coastal dunes

Let me feel the moon
Sing the ocean to a sooth
Let me see the Pacific
Shine with pristine glisten

Invoke within me
My burning romance
Let it manifest
With unbridled passion

Let me feel the warm magic
Of her wet blissful hips
May she beckon me to bed
With her vodka kiss

Like the phoenix
May I begin again
Restoring my ashes
As a new man

In this land of sunsets
Where old friends become family
I pursue my calling
That God has given me

©-J.Adam Snyder

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