Poetry: Ballad of Polluted Angels

“Ballad of Polluted Angels”-J.Adam Snyder

(Inspired by my many and constant visits to Los Angeles)

Towering concrete
Sun soaked heat
Pollution’s oppression
Smothers the streets

An endless sprawl
Of dense urbanity
Beings rushing about
Like animals stampeding

The city of angels
And fallen dreams
Where star-crossed artists
Chase their opportunity

Fake smiles
Plastic breasts
Not delightful
To caress

Profound diversity
Enriches the city
With every culture of man
Building the American Dream

Bright blue skies
With a touch of smog
One can taste the grit
With a drink of grog

Musicians and poets
Thespians and novelists
Risk their souls
Performing artistic heroics

CEOs and bankers
Producers and shysters
Luxuries’ heartbeat
Bleeds across the endless streets

Prostitutes and addicts
Porn stars and hood rats
Existing without meaning
Their souls decaying daily

In the west
The glistening sea
To the east
Violent screams

Wealth and poverty
Living on the same street
Ignoring their neighbor
Who cries out in plea

The people
Not warm nor mean
Are simply cold and distant
In their daily routine

Stark contrasts
Hit one hard
Like the sun and the moon
Together on the same dawn

Under the starlight
The Hollywood hills shine bright
As the masses below
Yearn for their delight

The city of angels
With its bittersweet hold on me
Fight to escape with all my might
Yet I can never truly leave

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