Poetry: Sunset Lament

“Sunset Lament”- J.Adam Snyder

Against the ocean breeze
Her eyes sing to me
A bittersweet lament
Of love that’s not meant to be

Tears rush through my soul
Screaming for me to let go
Yet I know I will never love another again
As the sun dies down

Will the moon
Slowly rise
And sing a requiem
For my heart’s demise

The Sunset Lament
Burns in my soul
Tearful beauty drowns my world
And makes it grow

Tainted love
It tastes the best
Yet we both knew our passion
Would never last

The river of sublime
Has dried up and died
The sunlight has no meaning
The midnight moon has no delight

Loving once is not so bad
As long as I don’t have to love again
My spirit is scarred
From the wound that she left

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