Poetry: A Dream for Liberty

“A Dream for Liberty” – J.Adam Snyder

O’ America
How I miss thee
Back when the people
Sang of your liberty

Now they have forsaken
Their precious freedom
For the tyrant’s lies
Of faux security

The donkey and the elephant
The same two-headed beast
Divide good men
And turn them into bitter enemies

O’ America
How I love thee
The beguiling serpents in the garden
Have soured your fruits of Liberty

The People
Now want a king
To give them everything
At the expense of being free

The square and compass
Built our land
With the Mason’s light
Guiding her hand

O’ America
How I weep for thee
The nation is decaying
Slowly collapsing into the sea

Selfishness and greed
Are the the politician’s creed
As the press churns propaganda
For the sake of green

Corporate influence
Twists the heart of democracy
As our dear leader
Fails to lead

O’ America
How I have hope for thee
For The People have finally awoken
From their deep sleep

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